REEN Control

REEN Control facilitates reduced waste, higher sorting rates, and increased material recycling for a cleaner and better world. With REEN Control, you can track how much waste you generate and what you dispose of. For example, you can see how much food waste you produce and monitor your consumption. The service can be used from waste rooms to kitchen countertops. REEN Control makes it easier to track disposal patterns in real-time to increase sorting rates and material recycling. Measuring waste fractions, weight, cost, and CO2 is simple and intuitive, giving you better control over your waste management.

Reen Access

With REEN Access, you can see who disposes of waste and when it is disposed of. The data is presented in a user-friendly interface and compliant with EU privacy regulations. REEN Access makes it easier to implement measures and incentivize users to dispose of waste correctly, thus reducing CO2 emissions and waste management costs. By using either REEN RFID cards or integration into existing infrastructure, REEN Access identifies who and when waste is disposed of. This makes waste disposal more transparent and easier to track for accurate billing and cost reduction. On the administrative side, you receive reliable data that can be easily integrated with other systems through the REEN API, allowing you to efficiently invoice based on factors such as the number of waste deliveries.


• Time and cost savings
• Full control over user access
• Quality-assured data easily accessible
• Access history
• User-friendly administration tool for access management
• Real-time tracking of food waste and organic waste
• What is food waste? (Edible food that is discarded)
• What is organic waste? (Non-edible food that is discarded)
• Gain visibility into consumption to facilitate sorting
• Use data to reduce residual waste and associated costs
• What is residual waste?

Enhanced Transparency with REEN Access

REEN Access takes waste management transparency to new heights. With our user-friendly interface and strict adherence to EU privacy regulations, you can easily identify who is disposing of waste and precisely when. Implementing targeted measures and incentivising proper waste disposal becomes a breeze to reduce CO2 emissions and lower waste management costs.

Whether you opt for REEN RFID cards or seamless integration with your existing infrastructure, REEN Access ensures accurate tracking of waste disposal. Say goodbye to ambiguities and hello to transparent billing and cost reduction. Our robust data can be seamlessly integrated with your other systems through the REEN API, facilitating efficient invoicing based on waste delivery metrics.

Benefit From Our Smart Waste Collection System

  • ic24-check@2x Go from trash to cash. Streamline your waste management - saving time and money.
  • ic24-check@2x Maintain complete authority over who has access to waste management systems.
  • ic24-check@2x Utilise data-driven strategies to slash residual waste and achieve massive cost savings.
  • ic24-check@2x Effortlessly track history of waste disposal activities for record-keeping.
  • ic24-check@2x Gain real-time visibility into food waste and non-edible organic waste.
  • ic24-check@2x Leverage data to optimise waste sorting and minimise residual waste.

The richness of waste. The brilliance of technology.

REEN Control has such a user-friendly interface that employees started using the service immediately, correctly, and without training. With REEN Control, we can plan meal setups with the lowest possible carbon footprint, which was impossible for us to do before. We save money and the environment.
Christian Vestrup
Section Manager at Kongsberg Hospital

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REEN Control

Facilitates reduced waste and increased sorting rate by providing accurate data on what and how much waste you dispose of. It also offers user access for clear control and management of waste areas.


Container management with intelligent inventory control and identification of system resources. REEN CMS gives you full control over the container park by collecting data that ensures efficient and profitable waste management.

REEN Drive

Visualize vehicles, check their status, and find the nearest available car. Get detailed reports on trips, mileage, CO2 emissions, and analyze fleet utilization. Streamline management, make better decisions, and reduce costs with REEN Drive.


Optimization tool for container fill levels and dynamic emptying and route planning for the most efficient waste management. Enables you to operate based on demand rather than a calendar.

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Streamlining Waste Management
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