Solutions that improve waste management.

Intelligent software that removes guesswork from waste management services. Leverage real-time data that improves the way waste is collected, transported and recorded, increasing efficiencies and the bottom line.

Love it. Own it. Get the job done.

Waste analytics services.

Automate your process, get results.

We believe in working smarter, not harder. So, we’ve developed a sensor system that easily integrates itself throughout the value chain. By offering a simplified way to collect and implement the retrieved data, we help waste management companies improve their logistical efficiency, leading to reduced operational costs and industry CO2 emissions.

Money saved

Turning problems into profits through the reduction of resource-heaving planning, equipment depreciation, and unnecessary cleanup and collection costs.

Higher efficiency

Streamlining collection and transportation methods to save time, reduce fuel consumption, and minimize carbon emissions.

Continuous monitoring

Fleet overviews for clearer transparency, bettering value chain relationships between consumers, private stakeholders, and municipalities.

Lower error rate

Consistent accuracy for improved vehicle management, environmental reports, purchasing control, container conditions, inventory management, and mobile app positioning.

Advanced sensors, simple front-end.

REEN is powered by world class smart sensor technology, developed to withstand the rigorous nature of the waste industry. Complemented by the REEN Cloud, our front-end team works tirelessly to ensure that all systems are clear, simple, and immediate. Add our best-in-class support team, fitted with waste, operational, and technical expertise, and you have the tools needed to 'get the job done'.

Where sustainability meets profitability

Solving today’s environmental issues of waste-related pollution one container at a time.

Is REEN right for you?

Whether a private citizen, waste management company, equipment supplier or local municipality, we all have a part to play in changing the way the world handles waste. With REEN, we can help you connect the smaller things and turn them into something bigger.

The richness of waste. The brilliance of technology.

After implementing REEN’s technology, we were able to get complete control over all of our equipment - including us now always knowing where each container is located. This has significantly improved our planning, and made our logistics flow much more seamlessly. Additionally, the technology is able to provide us with valuable information regarding the conditions of all our containers.
Kjell Erik Dversnes
Norsk Gjenvinning AS, Transport Manager
Alles Miljø is driven by the belief that quality, longevity, and aesthetics will be the characteristics to best serve the environment, human culture, and our wallets. REEN, with its values ​​and products, represents a great example of tomorrow's technical solutions in a modern framework. When we utilize REEN’s services in combination with our own input factors, the result is a harmonious solution that meets our goal to deliver sustainable solutions both today and in the future. Together, we stand stronger!
Martin Nordal
Alles Miljø AS, Account Executive
REEN’s CMS Volume technology really proved valuable in helping us first confirm that the clothes bank had indeed been stolen, and then approximately where it had been moved to. Ultimately, we were able to successfully recover the stolen clothes bank and get it back in its rightful place
Tom Dugdale
Lontex Exports
This digital solution has enabled a smarter, leaner way of working. The future capabilities of the technology include the ability for us to make more data-led decisions – such as knowing if an area requires an additional bin or a double capacity bin to reduce littering.

For example, when additional bin requests are received, a temporary sensor bin can be utilised to assess the fill level and determine if a bin is actually required. This also allows a review of the current ‘binfrastructure’ as the system can be used to see if any bins are not being used. This will help to inform where bins can be removed or relocated, so communities have ‘the right bin in the right place.
Sam Kelly
Derby City Council
Streamlining Waste Management
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